DIN – Cooperation in the standardisation process

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DIN e.V. represents the national interests in Europe and worldwide.

DIN is a registered non-profit organisation and is privately financed.

According to a contract with the Federal Republic of Germany, DIN is the German standardisation organisation responsible for ISO and CEN standardisation activities

Key data:

  • approx. 34,000 DIN standards
  • approx. 70 standards committees
  • Budget approx. EUR 110 million per year
  • approx. 400 employees
  • approx. 2,000 members
  • The structure of the individual standards committees/technical committees/working groups is similar to that of the ISO
  • The goal of the national mirror committee is to establish the preconditions for active involvement of all interested parties at international level
  • To bring the needs of German interest groups and their technical competence into the projects
  • The members of such a mirror committee can be delegated to the international bodies in order to represent the national interests there directly.  Furthermore, the mirror committee determines the vote on the participation in written decisions by DIN
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