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In line with our mission of making everything to do with hardness testing simpler, we offer comprehensive solutions from a single source: hardness testing machines, calibration, consultation and supplementary services – complete coverage of all important issues. This means competence in all aspects of hardness testing: 360° FULL SERVICE COMPETENCE.

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As you know, we are constantly developing our hardness testers to make hardness testing even easier and more efficient. Here we present two new developments.

NEW for DuraVision 250/350 G5: now also with 12-megapixel colour overview camera

The new colour overview camera for DuraVision 250 G5 and 350 G5 makes working and evaluation even simpler. The high resolution (12 MP) of the colour camera and its integrated zoom function allow you to preposition your test pieces more quickly and far more precisely. In addition, the test points and sequences can already be placed in the overview screen.

The modern technology ensures ergonomic working that is particularly easy on the eyes. It also significantly improves the recognition of areas on etched workpieces (e.g. welding samples). When working in live-image mode and to create high-resolution overview images, a second screen enables simultaneous viewing of both representations.

The new colour camera is available as an option for all DuraVision 250 G5 and 350 G5 fully automatic machines.

NEW for DuraVision 250/350 G5: now also with 12-megapixel colour overview camera

NEW in ecos Workflow Pro: user-defined specimen holders

Complicated workpieces and testing requirements pose challenges for some customers. Nevertheless, the testing process must be handled as efficiently and precisely as possible. Custom specimen holders and clamping fixtures therefore form part of the range of many test laboratories with complex requirements. With the new "user-defined specimen holder" function, we offer you the option to depict your own specimen holders or workpieces in clamping fixtures.

The integrated drawing tools allow rectangles, circles and polygons to be constructed using precise coordinates. The specimen holder you have created is depicted in the overview camera and the panorama view. Navigation between the specimens is much easier. Positioning of specimen parameters, such as pre-programmed CHD series, is possible for each specimen by drag & drop. Complexity is tested easily and reliably in this way.

NEW in ecos Workflow Pro: user-defined specimen holders

Innovations as of January 2021


Easy placement of test rows on gear grindings


With ecos gearMASTER, a new function for all fully automatic DuraScan machines, the placement of test rows on gear wheel specimen is child's play. The core hardness points as well as the pre-defined course series are set at drawn 30° tangents at the tooth root and at half the height of the tooth. With the standard wide test-load range of DuraScan G5 from 10 g to 62.5 kg, all common specifications can be covered in one operation. Using templates, testing can be done quickly, efficiently, and reproducibly. The tool complies with the current guidelines for the stress-appropriate testing of teeth of a gearwheel and is available as a separate feature of ecos Workflow software.  

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Overview colour camera with active LED coaxial lighting


With overviewPRO, the brand-new overview colour camera with active LED coaxial lighting for DuraScan 70 G5 and 80 G5 machines, working and evaluating will be made much easier. The active, intelligent LED coaxial-lighting ensures uniform illumination and reduces the influence of ambient light. This is a major improvement for the operator, especially at workplaces with difficult light conditions. When using the live image mode and for creating high-resolution overview images, a second screen enables both pictures to be viewed simultaneously. In addition, the inspection points and test rows can be placed in the overview image already. The visibility of progressions on etched components is also improved. The 12-megapixel colour camera with active LED coaxial lighting is built with a USB 3.1 port.  

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Testing systems for special requirements

VR5C - Hardness testing machine

Testing systems for special requirements

The fully automatic hardness tester VR5C is made for special demands in hardness testing according to Brinell.

The system is operated by a Siemens S7 control in connection with the proven hardness testing software ecos Workflow. The test sequence and the test point evaluation are fully automatic.

The integrated milling device prepares the specimen surface for the test points. Adaptation of the machine such as hydraulic punch etc. is possible. Just contact us and tell us about your requirement.

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Download Prospekt VR5C

Customer project VR5C

Example of a successfully implemented VR5C project for testing wheel tires



Together with ZwickRoell, we automate your entire hardness testing sequence - including specimen handling.

DuraPro - Flexible hardness testing module

DuraPro - Flexible hardness testing module

Upgrade existing plants
A testing module is excellent for upgrading existing equipment. Costs can be saved as there is no need to purchase special machines or a new plant.

Integration into new plants
Furthermore, the inspection modules can be integrated into new plants and production lines. This can be done hardness testing can be integrated directly into the production flow as early as the planning phase. This means that no workpieces need to be removed from a line for measurements and that
100-percent tests can be carried out.

Customized hardness tester
Thanks to clear interfaces and precise installation instructions, it is possible to create an individual
hardness tester, tailored to the respective requirements. All that is required is
a fixture that can accommodate and move the test module according to the technical data.

Universally applicable
Whether upgrading existing systems, integrating them into new production lines or setting up an individual or setting up an individual hardness tester as a stand-alone solution, the modular design of the DuraPro series makes it extremely versatile.

Download DuraPro Prospekt

Modernization of special test facilities

Special testing machines from EMCO-TEST can be upgraded to the latest state of the art testing technology with the latest measurement and control technology, drive technology and hardness testing software ecos Workflow from EMCO-TEST. When modernizing testing machine and testing systems, proven components from our new machines are used and thus concede a renewed future viability.

Reasons for modernization:

  • No support of the operating system (e.g. Windows XP)
  • No further support of the measurement, control and regulation electronics
  • Changed test tasks or applications
  • Improvements in operational reliability
  • Longer downtimes and waiting times for replacement of obsolete electronic components
  • Spare parts availability no longer guaranteed

ecos Workflow

Optimum user-friendliness is becoming an increasingly important factor in ensuring efficient and faultless processes.

For this reason, EMCO-TEST has developed the unique, trendsetting ecos Workflow operating software. This software package takes control of the increasingly diverse test tasks and ensures straightforward specimen management with sustainable data security. Due to the large amount of software in hardness testers, ecos Workflow makes a decisive contribution to the performance and quality of the whole product.

In order to also ensure its future reliability, the software is continuously enhanced with updates.

The Workflow principle

ecos Workflow

From simple single measurement and curve measurement through to sustainable data storage and reporting, everything is possible with ecos Workflow. At the same time, the software guides the user step by step from definition of the test method through to archiving of the determined measurement results in an easily understandable manner.

Minimum effort guaranteed!

Our customer-oriented thinking

The ecos Workflow Software and the new features are designed to be transferable to all DuraLine hardness testers, even those introduced about ten years ago and work well nevertheless. We think customer-oriented and offer you investment security! Every customer should enjoy the newly developed features! That is our philosophy and a promise to you.


the flexible program interface


ecos Workflow xCHANGE is the key to the functions of your EMCO-TEST hardness tester. ecos Workflow xCHANGE allows practically any customer-specific requirement for connecting a hardness tester to databases and data input devices to be satisfied, as well as enabling fully automatic or unmanned operation. Since ecos Workflow xCHANGE is based on the established XML format, interaction with it is simple and clearly structured.

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ecos Workflow CIS

Your support that your testing machine conforms to standards

ecos Workflow CIS

ecosWorkflow is equipped with an integrated Calibration Information System (CIS). This innovative solution gives the user the ability to independently check the conformity of the hardness testing machine to standards. The system provides an overview of all calibrated methods and upcoming tests. The intuitive workflow principle guides the user step by step through the inspection process and documents the results.

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Data management / Template function

Data management / Template function

A measurement data group can be created and selected before the test. All test results are collected in separate lists, allowing them to be represented clearly, exported or saved as a report at any time. Use grouped measurement data management to assign test data to individual users or user groups, components, batches or departments. In addition, frequently used test parameters can be assigned to the measurement data group in the form of templates (method, conversion, geometric correction). This significantly reduces the amount of work for the operator and the possibility of incorrect operation.

Software Overview

Overview of the software for EMCO-TEST machines

Our accessory categories

EMCO-TEST accessories

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EMCO-TEST offers you various indenters. All certified indenters conform to the international standards from EN ISO or ASTM.
IT equipment
IT equipment
We guarantee the compatibility of our PC components and printers with our hardness testing machines.
A wide choice of lenses can be found in our range of accessories.
Nose cone
Nose cone
You will find the right nose cone insert for every specimen geometry, tailored perfectly to your application.
Sample holders
Sample holders
EMCO-TEST has various specimen holders in its product range for clamping embedded and non-embedded specimens.
Software moduls
Software moduls
EMCO-TEST software modules are your convenient aids when it comes to completing complex hardness testing tasks.
Test anvils
Test anvils
The EMCO-TEST product range includes a wide variety of test tables and clamping devices.
Test blocks
Test blocks
Irrespective of test method and hardness value: EMCO-TEST has an extensive range of test blocks.

The right hardness testing machine for your business area

Which hardness testing machine is the right one for which task depends on a few important parameters. These include the testing method, the load range used, the degree of automation of your system and the industry in which you work.

You can enter all parameters into our product filter, which offers you suitable product solutions. This gives you the opportunity to adapt the extensive EMCO-TEST product range to your requirements even before the first consultation.

For additional information you have the possibility to contact us via the contact form. Simply click on "Contact us" on the right-hand side of the home page!

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Digital ticket system "Servicedesk" discontinued

Digital ticket system "Servicedesk" discontinued

Only the ticket system "Service Desk" will be discontinued with 22.04.2022. You will continue to receive the best service for your EMCO-TEST hardness testing machine as usual.

However, we are still available for you at service@emcotest.com!

Our training sessions


EMCO-TEST has been developing and producing hardness testing machines for over 60 years.  We are happy to pass on this vast experience and technical know-how to you. The vocational training and further education at the EMCO-TEST ACADEMY provides you with the technical expertise about "everything relating to hardness testing" in theory and practice.

We provide in-depth hardness testing knowledge in our own courses as well as in collaborations with renowned institutions.

All our collaboration institutions are equipped with the newest hardness testers from EMCO-TEST.

We are here for you!


We are here for you!

EMCO-TEST takes current events very seriously and, as a responsible company, contributes to the best possible protection of the safety of our customers and employees.

In order to ensure that our customers continue to receive the best possible advice on all aspects of hardness testing, our hardness testing experts will be happy to assist you online!

Leave us a short message at office@emcotest.com or use the form below and our hardness testing specialists will contact you shortly.

Fast delivery times

Due to our modern in-house production "Made in Austria" but also due to our regional partner companies our delivery times for hardness testing machines and spare parts are as usual.



In case of a service case we react within shortest time (depending on time shifts and weekends). Help is provided online, via the ServiceDesk.


Journal service on site

In order to protect our employees and customers in the best possible way, we follow the recommendation of the German Federal Government and have therefore switched to home office. Only a few employees are on site for a limited journal service.

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