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In line with our mission of making everything to do with hardness testing simpler, we offer comprehensive solutions from a single source: hardness testing machines, calibration, consultation and supplementary services – complete coverage of all important issues. This means competence in all aspects of hardness testing: 360° FULL SERVICE COMPETENCE.

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ecos Workflow

Optimum user-friendliness is becoming an increasingly important factor in ensuring efficient and faultless processes.

For this reason, EMCO-TEST has developed the unique, trendsetting ecos Workflow operating software. This software package takes control of the increasingly diverse test tasks and ensures straightforward specimen management with sustainable data security. Due to the large amount of software in hardness testers, ecos Workflow makes a decisive contribution to the performance and quality of the whole product.

In order to also ensure its future reliability, the software is continuously enhanced with free updates.

The Workflow principle

ecos Workflow

From simple single measurement and curve measurement through to sustainable data storage and reporting, everything is possible with ecos Workflow. At the same time, the software guides the user step by step from definition of the test method through to archiving of the determined measurement results in an easily understandable manner.

Minimum effort guaranteed!

Our customer-oriented thinking

The ecos Workflow Software and the new features are designed to be transferable to all DuraLine hardness testers, even those introduced about ten years ago and work well nevertheless. We think customer-oriented and offer you investment security! Every customer should enjoy the newly developed features! That is our philosophy and a promise to you.


the flexible program interface


ecos Workflow xCHANGE is the key to the functions of your EMCO-TEST hardness tester. ecos Workflow xCHANGE allows practically any customer-specific requirement for connecting a hardness tester to databases and data input devices to be satisfied, as well as enabling fully automatic or unmanned operation. Since ecos Workflow xCHANGE is based on the established XML format, interaction with it is simple and clearly structured.

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ecos Workflow CIS

Your support that your testing machine conforms to standards

ecos Workflow CIS

ecosWorkflow is equipped with an integrated Calibration Information System (CIS). This innovative solution gives the user the ability to independently check the conformity of the hardness testing machine to standards. The system provides an overview of all calibrated methods and upcoming tests. The intuitive workflow principle guides the user step by step through the inspection process and documents the results.

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Data management / Template function

Data management / Template function

A measurement data group can be created and selected before the test. All test results are collected in separate lists, allowing them to be represented clearly, exported or saved as a report at any time. Use grouped measurement data management to assign test data to individual users or user groups, components, batches or departments. In addition, frequently used test parameters can be assigned to the measurement data group in the form of templates (method, conversion, geometric correction). This significantly reduces the amount of work for the operator and the possibility of incorrect operation.

Software Overview

Overview of the software for EMCO-TEST machines

Our accessory categories

EMCO-TEST accessories

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EMCO-TEST offers you various indenters. All certified indenters conform to the international standards from EN ISO or ASTM.
IT equipment
IT equipment
We guarantee the compatibility of our PC components and printers with our hardness testing machines.
A wide choice of lenses can be found in our range of accessories.
Nose cone
Nose cone
You will find the right nose cone insert for every specimen geometry, tailored perfectly to your application.
Sample holders
Sample holders
EMCO-TEST has various specimen holders in its product range for clamping embedded and non-embedded specimens.
Software moduls
Software moduls
EMCO-TEST software modules are your convenient aids when it comes to completing complex hardness testing tasks.
Test anvils
Test anvils
The EMCO-TEST product range includes a wide variety of test tables and clamping devices.
Test blocks
Test blocks
Irrespective of test method and hardness value: EMCO-TEST has an extensive range of test blocks.

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Low investment costs in hardness testing

“Pay per Method” – the variable purchasing model from EMCO-TEST

Would you like lower hardness testing costs?

From now on, we can offer you the greatest possible flexibility and cost optimisation in procuring your hardness testing machine. With “PpM” the billing is divided into two components: the mechanical component of the hardness testing system and the ecos Workflow software component. This software component consists of the basic software, with one hardness testing method included. This makes the machine fully operational. Other methods and additional software modules, which enhance the functionality of the machine even further, can be added and activated subsequently at any time, depending on hardness testing requirements. Optimisation and flexibility of hardness testing that makes sense!

Your advantages

Your advantages
  • You only pay for the hardness testing methods that you need
  • Low investment costs for the hardness testing machine
  • Test method packages tailor-made to requirements
  • Hardness testing machine expandable with additional test methods
  • Optional “Software Care” service contract in order to keep software and standards in line with the state of the art in hardness testing

Second-hand machines

All machines at a glance

All our second-hand machines have been subjected to stringent quality checks and are fully functional.

Accredited calibration laboratory to ISO/IEC 17025

Adherence to international standards in conjunction with reproducible measurement results and comprehensive documentation of test cycles is becoming increasingly important in national and international trade for our customers. At the same time, regular calibration of test equipment is often a prerequisite. EMCO-TEST is an accredited calibration laboratory in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. This accreditation, in combination with incessant further development and continuous official monitoring of our calibration laboratory, ensures that the services we offer are always state of the art and compliant with latest standards.

Quality assurance with ISO 9001 certification

Quality assurance by means of a certified management system not only safeguards products and services, it is also a fundamental requirement for accreditation as a calibration laboratory in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. This creates a dual level of security for our customers. Through independent, external audits it confirms that both technical knowledge and management structures for quality assurance are really state of the art.

Introduction to the world of hardness testing standards

The scope of our calibration service not only covers the German (DIN EN ISO), European (EN) and international (ISO) standards, but also those from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), governing hardness testing and its calibration. We offer both calibration and consultation regarding the differences between international standard requirements, which means our customers are always on the safe side.

Calibration ex works

Simplifying everything to do with hardness testing naturally also means calibration ex works. This calibration service is undertaken in our factory immediately after production of the hardness tester and all devices are supplied from the factory with an approved calibration certificate. This in turn means that hardness testing machines can be used as soon as our customers receive them. This saves time and money.

Optimised determination of measurement uncertainty

The lesser the measurement uncertainty of a testing system, the greater the leeway within the specified tolerances for the products to be tested. Reduced measurement uncertainty can result in significant cost savings for customers. Comprehensive services from a single source include manufacturer maintenance before calibration, which can optimise the testing device. Furthermore, the EMCO-TEST calibration laboratory uses the very latest measuring equipment with highest levels of precision for calibration, which in turn reduces measurement uncertainty for our customers.

Brochure Calibration laboratory

Brochure Calibration laboratory

Service hotline

In order to back up its support and consultation services, EMCO-TEST operates a dedicated service hotline. The name of the game here is quickly accessible competence close to the customer.

Monday-Friday from 8:00 to 18:00
Tel.: +43 6244 20438-33

Full-service maintenance contracts

Maintenance, calibration, consumables and – if individual components or testing equipment of the hardness tester should ever need replacement, conversion or modular extension – repairs at the manufacturer's factory or on site: this is what we call full-service maintenance. At the same time, full-service maintenance contracts describe the precise scope of services, ensure predictable, flat-rate costs and precisely regulate the service intervals and response times.

Service app

No matter where you are and what time it is: your contact receives your service notification immediately.

Rapid response
Thanks to transmission of all the relevant machine data via the service app, your service engineer can provide faster assistance.

Time savings
You save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent determining the necessary data.

Machine management
You receive an overview of your hardness testing machines and the service notifications already sent

Take advantage of the benefits of the EMCO-TEST service app today!

Payment per hardness test result with no acquisition costs

The EMCO-TEST pay-per-indent offer provides an innovative billing model.*

*The pay-per-indent offer is only available in direct distribution areas.

EMCO-TEST pay-per-indent is a payment model in which only the hardness test indent is charged. There are no acquisition costs, no capital tie-up, no additional service or maintenance costs.

The EMCO-TEST hardness testing machine is installed on your premises, in the version you require (required test methods, degree of automation, etc.). The machine itself remains the property of EMCO-TEST.

Installation includes commissioning and operational training, annual maintenance and calibration, as well as provision of all the consumables (indenters, hardness reference blocks) for the defined test methods.

You are free to use the machines for the defined hardness testing tasks. Billing takes place monthly based on the number of hardness test indents.

The following contractual models are available:

PPI 36

PPI 36

  • Contract term 36 months
  • After the contract expires, the machine can be purchased for its residual value
  • Only new machines are used
  • Annual contract adjustments possible
  • Commissioning and operational instruction, annual calibration by our accredited calibration laboratory as well as regular maintenance and provision of consumables are all included.
  • The basis is a defined minimum number of indents per month with billing of this previously defined minimum number of indents every month.
  • Any additional indents are charged based on indent counter readings, with billing as required on a quarterly, six-monthly or annual basis.

Example: DuraScan 50 with contractual model PPI 36 (standard equipment with one test method, e.g. HV1)

  • Per indent from €0.19*
  • €0 for installation
  • Term: 36 months

* The prices per indent vary depending on the equipment level of the machine (number of test methods, other accessories) and the number of indents per month. 


PPI Flex

PPI Flex

  • Term: one-month notice
  • Flat rate for installation at start of contract
  • Commissioning and operational instruction, annual calibration by our accredited calibration laboratory as well as regular maintenance and provision of consumables are all included.
  • Machines provided are no more than five years old
  • The basis is a defined minimum number of indents per month with billing of this previously defined minimum number of indents every month.
  • Any additional indents are charged based on indent counter readings, with billing as required on a quarterly, six-monthly or annual basis
  • Contractual adjustments for upgrading or downgrading your machine are possible at any time

Example: DuraScan 50 with contractual model PPI Flex (standard equipment with one test method, e.g. HV1)

  • Per indent from €0.17*
  • From €2200 for installation
  • Term: one-month notice

* The prices per indent vary depending on the equipment level of the machine (number of test methods, other accessories) and the number of indents per month.

Our training sessions


EMCO-TEST has been developing and producing hardness testing machines for over 60 years.  We are happy to pass on this vast experience and technical know-how to you. The vocational training and further education at the EMCO-TEST ACADEMY provides you with the technical expertise about "everything relating to hardness testing" in theory and practice.

We provide in-depth hardness testing knowledge in our own courses as well as in collaborations with renowned institutions.

All our collaboration institutions are equipped with the newest hardness testers from EMCO-TEST.

ecos LINEplus

ecos LINEplus

ecos LINEplus, the optional module encompasses a set of line tools, which help to position testing point(s) according to requirements.

Reference lines: length and angle

The reference line function for length and angle allow you to position a series of starting points easily and effectively on one component. In addition to that it offers the possibility to measure lengths and angles directly on the test sample. The handling of this operation is remarkably simple.


New starting 2019:

  • Threshold settings for individual testing points
  • Testpoint labelling



Learn more about ecos LINEplus

Find out more about our new products in 2019 here

ecos Panorama

ecos Panorama

The new software ecos Panorama generates a panorama shot of your sample by photographing the surface of the test piece using high-resolution analyzing camera systems.

Direct PLACEMENT of testing point(s)

Subsequently the individual pictures taken will be merged into one high-resolution panorama shot. With the help of this panorama shot testing point(s) can be placed directly on the test component. The ‘live-picture’ of the analyzing camera is presented as an overlay in the ‘offline-picture’, guaranteeing a high level of positioning accuracy. Further to that this procedure makes sure that the test sample stays in place.

ecos Capture

ecos Capture

ecos CAPTURE generates pictures of your sample to be used in reports or to be stored separately. Additional information can be added to the report individually. Choose if the picture should contain test points, row start points or reference points. With the additional module ecos LINEplus, you can do easy measurements on your part using the helpline function. The reference lines and the measurement results can be shown in the picture as well.





This function, integrated in Workflow Pro, which is used for standard-compliant testing of the hardness profile (CHD, Nht, Rht) was improved further.

Now it is possible to define up to three hardness limits for the hardness penetration depth per test sequence. Each hardness threshold can be named and displayed individually in the line diagram.

This way your efficiency in specific situations is significantly increased e.g. when a test component with different standards - regarding the tracing of hardness penetration depths - needs to be tested.