Testing systems for special requirements

VR5C - Hardness testing machine

Testing systems for special requirements

The fully automatic VR5C hardness testing system is made for special requirements in hardness testing compliant with Brinell.

The system is operated by a Siemens S7 controller in conjunction with the proven ecos Workflow test software. The test cycle and test point evaluation take place fully automatically.

The specimen surface is prepared for the test points with the integrated milling fixture. Machine adaptation, e.g. hydraulic punch, etc., is possible.  Simply contact us and tell us about your requirements.

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Example of a successfully completed VR5C project for testing wheel tyres.

DuraVision 350 CM

Your bespoke hardness testing system

DuraVision 350 CM

The special machine is based on the DuraVision 350 and has been equipped with a large cross slide.

Featuring an overview camera, a slim testing head, an automatic cross slide, and the Brinell SmartLight evo, it provides a powerful and user-friendly tool. The machine complies with international CE requirements with a radar system and is supported by an easy-to-use hardness testing software called ecos Workflow. Ideal for precise quality control in various application areas.

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Together with ZwickRoell, we are automating their entire test sequence in hardness testing, including specimen handling.

DuraPro – flexible hardness test module

DuraPro – flexible hardness test module

Upgrade existing systems
A test module is ideal for upgrading existing systems. This allows costs to be saved, because no special machines or new systems need to be purchased.

Integration into new systems
The test modules can also be integrated into new systems and production lines. In this case, the hardness test can be integrated directly into the production flow as early as the planning phase.
Consequently, no workpieces need to be removed from a system for measurements, and 100% testing can be performed.

Customized hardness tester
Clear interfaces and detailed installation instructions allow a bespoke hardness tester, tailored to specific requirements, to be configured. All that is required is a fixture that can accommodate and move the test module as described in the technical data.

Universally application
Be it upgrading of existing systems, integration into new production lines or installation of a bespoke hardness tester as a standalone solution, the modular design of the DuraPro series makes it universally applicable.

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Modernising special test systems

Special testing machines from EMCO TEST can be updated to the current state of testing technology with the latest measurement and control technology, drive technology and the ecos Workflow test software from EMCO TEST. When modernising a testing machine and test systems, proven components from our new machines are used, thereby providing renewed future viability.

Reasons for modernisation:

  • No support for the operating system (e.g. Windows XP)
  • No further support for the measurement and control technology
  • Modified test tasks or applications
  • Improvements in operational reliability
  • Longer downtimes and waiting periods when procuring replacements for obsolete electronic components
  • Availability of spare parts no longer guaranteed

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