Principles of our quality policy

The aim of our quality policy is to offer our customers advanced, reliable and value-for-money products and services. This also applies to products and services offered to our customers by third parties on our behalf or at our behest. We want satisfied customers. And the customer sets the standard for our quality. The customer's opinion of our products and services (including response time and delivery time) is decisive. Because only satisfied customers can secure our future. Quality assurance is the responsibility of all employees. Promotion of quality awareness at all levels is a continuous management task. Our target is "zero defects" or "100 % correct". Whenever errors do occur, remedial action is more important than justification

Management system with EN ISO 9001 certification

Creating quality from first-class components and expertise is the achievement and permanent objective of EMCO-TEST’s management. Built on a management system that we continually develop and voluntarily subject to EN ISO 9001:2015 certification with regular audits. That means security for our customers and for us.