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Quality assurance is the responsibility of all employees. Promotion of quality awareness at all levels is a continuous management task. Our target is "zero defects" or "100% correct". Whenever errors do occur, remedial action is more important than justification.

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This free app provides quick & simple:

  • Hardness conversion
  • Diagonal conversion
  • Maximum error of hardness testing machine
  • Rockwell and Vickers corrections
  • Hardness Know-How

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The EMCO-TEST app includes helpful tools regardless of your hardness testing machine!

Hardness conversion With this tool you can quickly and easily revalue between Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell, Knoop and depth test methods. 

Diagonal conversion Determine the mean diagonal diameter to your hardness value or have your mean diagonal diameter displayed as a hardness value.

Maximum error of hardness testing machine Determine quickly and easily the maximum error of the entered hardness of the test block.

Rockwell and Vickers corrections Get your correction value for Rockwell or correction factor for Vickers when you are testing on curved surfaces.

Hardness Know-How Find everything about the basic principles of hardness testing (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Knoop as well as other test methods such as carbon, plastic and Leeb testing).

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Privacy Statement

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poster "Hardness comparison table"

poster "Hardness comparison table"

poster "Hardness testing overview"

poster "Hardness testing overview"




As an all-round service provider for all aspects of hardness testing, our innovations set new  standards. This innovative power is based on our many years of experience and the needs of our customers.

  • Innovative product range
  • Product management
  • Data processing and network integration
  • In-house mechanical development
  • Software-Entwicklung im Haus


EMCO-TEST’s headquarters lies the district of Salzburg. This location is attractive, not just for the high quality of life for employees, but because it provides ideal conditions for sustainability and environmental consciousness.

  • Dependable family business
  • In-house manufacturing “Made in Austria”
  • Management system with EN ISO 9001 certification
  • Open data interface xCHANGE


We see ourselves as a partner to our customers with the goal of creating value and long-term benefits through our activities.

  • 60 years of experience
  • Multi-level support concept
  • Application consulting & local application centres
  • Consulting in 10 languages
  • Service-Hotline