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ecos Workflow DuraJet edition

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ecos Workflow DuraJet edition is supplied with all hardness testing machines in the DuraJet G5 series. The operating software is operated from a touchscreen on the hardness testing machine. It is equipped with the most important functions for hardness testing in accordance with Rockwell and other depth measurement methods. The availability of additional software modules means that the package can also be upgraded with extra functions. With ecos Workflow DuraJet simple measurement tasks can be performed very quickly - a necessity above all in production and incoming goods inspection. Use of the intuitive and very easily operated ecos Workflow DuraJet edition therefore makes it possible to save valuable working hours.

ecos Workflow DuraJet edition


1. Specimen > 2. Method > 3. Check > 4. Archive

ecos Workflow DuraJet edition


efficient data management, tailored test reports, template function, user management, measurement data management

ecos Workflow DuraJet edition

Optional modules

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