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Portable & mobile hardness testers

When the hardness test travels to the specimen.

Tried and tested processes

With our mobile Rockwell hardness tester, you are ideally equipped when travelling. If specimens are too large and heavy, you can take the hardness tester directly to the specimen to carry out the hardness test on site.
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Mobile hardness testers

Hardness testing on the move

Experience is required to master special challenges. Our portable Rockwell hardness testers are the result of more than 60 years' experience. They have proven themselves in many branches of industry for decades.

Portable hardness testing

The heart of every tester is the reliable spring sleeve unit for load application. The hardness value is indicated on an analogue dial gauge. The load range of the portable hardness testers extends from 15 to 187.5 kg.

N4 test clamp is particularly suitable for test tasks on components that are very large and heavy, such as when testing sheet steel, where the hardness tester needs to travel to the component. The N4 hardness tester is available in different sizes.

The N6 hardness tester is used for hardness testing in boreholes.

The N7 hardness tester is intended for measuring tooth flanks.

Hardness testing where it is needed

<p>With our mobile hardness testers, you can carry out Rockwell tests directly where they are needed. This is particularly the case with large and heavy components where the hardness tester has to travel to the component.</p>

<p>Our portable hardness testers are also suitable for testing in boreholes or on gear flanks.</p>

The portable hardness tester

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