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ecos Workflow Touch

Functions, features and optional modules


ecos Workflow Touch is a user-friendly and intuitive software that is pre-installed on semi-automatic DuraScan and DuraVision hardness testing machines. The clear user interface makes it easy to carry out measurements, minimising the need for training.

The touchscreen operation is intuitive, which means that it is easy to learn the software quickly and the operating procedures are memorable. The most important functions are easily accessible, allowing tests to be carried out simply and efficiently.

This user-friendliness means that less time needs to be spent on training, which increases efficiency in production and incoming goods inspection.

ecos Workflow Touch

3 clicks to the test result

Get to know the advantages of the ecos Workflow Touch software, which organises your test cycle in five defined steps: specimen, method, position, result and history. The first click is used to select the test type. The second click defines the test methods. Once in position, the test point must be defined via the live image. The third click starts the test, and the result is displayed immediately. The "History" in ecos Workflow Touch offers an efficient solution for data management and export options for your test results. ecos Workflow Touch efficiently simplifies complicated test tasks, allowing you to move safely and progressively into the future of material testing.

ecos Workflow Touch


ecos Workflow xChange, efficient data management, export editor, tailored test reports, integrated TeamViewer, fully automatic image evaluation, template function, ecos Workflow CIS, user management, measurement data management

Ecos Workflow Touch

Optional software modules

Increase the performance and versatility of your machine with our optional software modules. Whether you want to improve existing features or add new capabilities, our modules give you the flexibility to configure your equipment exactly to match your needs.


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