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Hardness testing machines and hardness testers

We have the right hardness testing machine for your application.

Our wide range of hardness testers from EMCO-TEST covers load ranges from 0.00025 to 3,000 kg and supports semi- as well as fully automatic hardness tests in accordance with all established standards, such as Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Knoop. Whether you need hardness testers for metals or specialised hardness testing machines for plastics and carbons, our products provide precise measurements and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

But EMCO-TEST's offer does not end with its hardware. In addition to our hardness testing machines, we offer flexible billing models, advanced software solutions, comprehensive warranty offers and a wide range of accessories. Our service and maintenance team will provide you with fast and expert support to ensure that your hardness tests always run smoothly.

With EMCO-TEST hardness testers, ...

Hardness testing made easy

Our hardness testers meet international and national standards, including DIN EN ISO 6507, ASTM E384, ASTM E92, DIN EN ISO 4545, DIN EN ISO 6506 and EN ISO 6508, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of industries. Our advanced hardness testing machines not only enable you to carry out standard tests, they can also efficiently and accurately realise special measurements such as HBT and HVT. EMCO-TEST makes it easy for you to choose the right hardness tester to provide you with a future-proof solution for your testing requirements.

Vickers hardness testers

Vickers hardness testers

Vickers hardness testers are indispensable when it comes to precise microhardness measurements, especially for thin, hard materials or surface layers. These devices use a diamond pyramid to leave a precise indentation in the material, which is then analysed optically. One key feature of these devices is their advanced positioning system, which is crucial for serial testing in order to accurately position the test pieces. Fully automatic Vickers hardness testing systems significantly increase efficiency by using a motorised axle system that allows for an exact placement of the test points. Discover the benefits of our DuraScan series, which offers all important functions for comprehensive Vickers hardness testing.

It supports Vickers tests in accordance with ISO 6507, ASTM E92 and ASTM E384, Brinell tests according to ISO 6506 and ASTM E10, as well as Knoop tests in accordance with ISO 4545, ASTM E92 and ASTM E384.

Universal hardness testing machines

Rockwell hardness testers

N3A hardness tester – for a quick Rockwell test

Mobile Rockwell hardness testers for metals

Tailored hardness testing systems

Interested in our hardness testers?

Contact us today on +43 6244 20438-0 or by email at to find out more about our hardness testers and hardness testing machines. Discover our latest models, such as the DuraScan G5 and DuraVision G5, and find out how EMCO-TEST can optimise your materials testing processes.

Hardness test software ecos™ III

We offer modern software with numerous functions and options for our software-controlled hardness testers. Our latest hardness test software ecos™ III is currently available for the fully automatic DuraScan.

The DuraVision and DuraScan semi-automatic devices are currently available with ecos Workflow.


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