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ecos Workflow Pro

Functions, features and optional modules


ecos Workflow Pro is the standard software supplied with all fully automatic DuraScan and DuraVision hardness testing machines from EMCO-TEST. This software runs on a desktop PC and offers a variety of functions that are crucial for hardness testing. With optional software modules, ecos Workflow Pro can be further expanded to provide additional functionalities.

With ecos Workflow Pro, even complicated and specialised measurement tasks can be carried out, such as different types of hardness curves or hardness maps, which are particularly needed in research and development. In addition, the use of ecos Workflow Pro with the fully automatic hardness testing machines from EMCO-TEST enables fully automatic series testing on a large number of specimens without the need for an operator. This saves valuable working hours that can then be otherwise employed.

Ecos Workflow Pro

5 steps to the result

Discover the efficiency of the ecos workflow software, which structures the test cycle into five clear steps: specimen, method, position, result and history. This user-friendly platform not only increases the performance of hardness testers, but also ensures reliable data management and security by simplifying complex test tasks. With ecos Workflow, you can steer safely and effectively into the future of materials testing.

ecos Workflow Pro

Software functions

ecos Workflow xChange, efficient data management, export editor, tailored test reports, integrated TeamViewer, fully automatic image evaluation, template function Pro, ecos Workflow CIS, user management, measurement data management, Range Master, second screen, ecos multiple specimens, user-defined specimen holder

ecos Workflow Pro

Optional modules

ecos areaMaster, ecos AUTOROW, ecos Jominy, ecos LINEplus, ecos Fracture, gearMASTER, ecos pipeMASTER, ecos imageMASTER, Olympus Stream Desktop, Olympus Stream Grain Intercept, Olympus Stream Weld, QDAS interface


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