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ecos Workflow

The user-friendly EMCO-TEST operating software

Optimising the user-friendliness of software is crucial for efficient and error-free work. For this reason, EMCO-TEST has developed the unique, pioneering ecos Workflow operating software. The software takes control of the increasingly diverse test tasks and ensures straightforward specimen management with sustainable data security, for later evaluation and analysis.

The software proportion in hardness testing is constantly increasing. In this area, ecos Workflow makes a key contribution to the efficiency and quality of the entire test. In order to be able to guarantee high-quality security in the future, the software is regularly improved through updates. With ecos Workflow, we ensure flawless processes.

The principle behind the ecos Workflow

Step by step through the test procedure

From single measurement and curve measurement through to data storage and reporting – everything is possible with ecos Workflow! At the same time, the software guides the user step by step from definition of the test method through to archiving of the determined measurement results in an easily understandable manner. Minimum effort guaranteed!

Our customer-orientated thinking

All customers should be able to enjoy the newly developed features!

The ecos Workflow software and all its new features are designed to be applicable to all DuraLine hardness testers, including models launched around ten years ago. This ensures that the software works smoothly, regardless of which DuraLine model you own. Our customer-centred approach offers you investment security and ensures that all customers can benefit from the latest functions. This is our promise to you and reflects our philosophy.

ecos Workflow xChange

An interface for data exchange

The key to the functions of your EMCO-TEST hardness tester is ecos Workflow xChange. This revolutionary programme interface connects the hardness tester fully automatically to a database or data input device. Since ecos Workflow xCHANGE is based on the established XML format, interaction with it is simple and clearly structured.

Click on xChange to find out more!

ecos Workflow CIS

The standard-compliant support for checking your hardness testing machine

EMCO-TEST ecos Workflow is equipped with an integrated Calibration Information System (CIS). This innovative solution gives the user the ability to independently check the conformity of the hardness testing machine to standards. The system provides an overview of all calibrated methods and upcoming tests. The intuitive workflow principle guides the user step by step through the test procedure and documents the results.

Reduce effort and minimise operating errors - thanks to measurement data management and the template function

You can create and select a measurement data group before the hardness test. This allows for all test results to be collected in separate lists, so they can be represented clearly, exported or saved as a report at any time. Grouped measurement data management allows you to assign test data to specific users or user groups, specimens, batches or departments, making it easier to organise and track.

In addition, frequently used test parameters such as method, revaluation and geometric correction can be assigned to the measurement data group as templates. This reduces your effort as a user and significantly minimises the risk of operating errors.

Add to your software at any time.

With our optional modules, such as ecos Lineplus or ecos AUTOROW, you can expand the range of functions at any time. The "ecos AUTOROW" module optimises the automatic positioning of test points on the specimen edge, while "ecos LINEplus" offers additional line tools for precise measurement and placement of test points. Both extensions increase the efficiency and precision of your test procedures.

Software overview

The software of the EMCO-TEST machines at a glance

Features ecos Workflow DuraJet edition   ecos Workflow Touch  ecos Workflow Pro
Compatible machines DuraJet 10 G5 DuraVision 20 G5, DuraVision 30 G5, DuraVision 200 G5, DuraVision 300 G5, DuraScan10 G5, DuraScan 20 G5 DuraVision 250 G5, DuraVision 350 G5, DuraScan 50 G5, DuraScan 70 G5, DuraScan 80 G5
Template function  
Template function Pro    
Fully automatic image evaluation  
Efficient data management
Export Editor  
ecos Workflow xChange  
Individual test reports
Integrated TeamViewer  
ecos Workflow CIS  
Measurement data management
User Rights Management
Range Master    
Second screen    
ecos Multiple specimens    
User-defined specimen holder    
Software modules ecos Workflow DuraJet edition ecos Workflow Touch ecos Workflow Pro
ecos CHD manual   optional  
ecos areaMaster     optional
ecos Jominy     optional
Jominy module DuraJet Edition      
ecos AUTOROW     optional
ecos LINEplus     optional
ecos Fracture   optional optional
gearMASTER     optional
ecos pipeMASTER     optional
ecos imageMASTER     optional
PRECiV Desktop (by Evident / Olympus)     optional
PRECiV optional Add-on Grain size     optional
QDAS interface   optional optional
   ecos Workflow DuraJet ecos Workflow Touch ecos Workflow Pro


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