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areaMASTER – solves complex test tasks for you!

Hardness mapping made easy.

What is ecos Workflow areaMASTER?

The optional areaMASTER software module from EMCO-TEST is your convenient assistant when it comes to automated solutions for complex hardness test tasks. It supports laboratory users wishing to position a large number of test points on a defined surface or along the edge of the specimen.

The integrated hardness map – a colour display of the hardness distribution on surfaces – ensures the optimum visualisation of your results. Even large volumes of information, such as hardness values and coordinates of the test points, are shown clearly Because logic, transparency and very simple operation are the hallmarks of all software developments from EMCO-TEST. The areaMASTER fits the bill perfectly here. It is integrated into the ecos Workflow operating software, guarantees ease of operation and extensive export possibilities. ecos Workflow areaMASTER is available as an option with our full automatic DuraScan and DuraVision hardness testers.

Edge Assistant: Precise edge scanning

The Edge Assistant allows the specimen edge to be digitised either in segments or completely using the evaluation lens. The contour line created in the process is very precise and is used for positioning of test points. A large number of points can thus be positioned very precisely in the surface layers. The Edge Assistant also provides very effective support for surface measurements right up to the specimen edge.

Hardness map: Top-class imaging

The hardness map function of the ecos Workflow areaMASTER opens up new dimensions in information presentation quality. The uniform distribution of test points over the surface allows the hardness curve to be determined over the whole specimen or only in defined areas, depending on the number of points and the distance between the points. The areaMASTER provides you with a range of innovative tools with which you can quickly, easily and precisely position a large number of test points.

A further strength of the areaMASTER lies in the field of visualisation. Have your results displayed either as a 2D colour diagram or as a 3D diagram, just as you wish. A wide variety of setting possibilities allow the presentation to be individually adapted to your needs. Images and diagrams can be exported as normal and integrated into test reports.


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