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Rockwell hardness tester

DuraJet G5

Thanks to electronic load application and a load range from 9.8 N to 2450 N (1 kgf to 250 kgf), the complete Rockwell range is covered with just one device. Furthermore, tests on plastics and carbon a
PLC (programmable logic control) Exclusive use of industrial PLC modules guarantees high reliability and the long-term availability of high-quality spare parts.
7“ touchscreen Despite its wide range of functions, the "ecos Workflow DuraJet edition" operating software offers the intuitive operation you expect from EMCO-TEST.
Working space lighting The working area illumination integrated into the nose cone ensures good visibility of the test specimen, even in difficult light conditions.
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The DuraJet G5

Highlights of our Rockwell hardness tester

Robust and versatile – these are the main characteristics of the DuraJet G5. Thanks to electronic load application and a load range from 9.8 N to 2450 N (1 kgf to 250 kgf),

the complete Rockwell range is covered with just one device. Furthermore, tests on plastics and carbon as well as Vickers and Brinell tests can be performed in depth.

This flexibility coupled with very simple operation predestines the DuraJet G5 for use wherever several devices have previously been used in different configurations.

The DuraJet Rockwellprüfer

The DuraJet G5: Efficiency in Rockwell hardness testing

The DuraJet Rockwell hardness tester was specially developed to carry out quick and uncomplicated Rockwell tests. The strength of the DuraJet G5 lies in its simple and intuitive usability. With the hardness testing software “ecos Workflow DuraJet Edition” and a user-friendly touch display, hardness testing is not only more accurate, but also significantly simplified.

Electronic load application ensures precise and consistent results, which is crucial for fast testing.

Single measurement


The DuraJet G5

Wide range of possibilities

<p>The DuraJet hardness tester not only covers the entire Rockwell scale, but is also suitable for other depth difference methods such as HBT, HVT, plastic and carbon. It always tests according to valid standards that are stored in the device. With the integrated conversion function, the hardness values can be converted accordingly.</p>

<p>The hardness values are clearly shown on the capacitive display, which can also be operated with gloves in harsh environments.</p>

The Rockwell hardness tester

The hardness tester in detail

Here we present the individual advantages of the DuraJet Rockwell tester.

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Data management

A measurement data group can be created or selected already prior to a test. All test results are then collected in separate lists, which can be clearly displayed, exported or saved as a report at any time. Use measurement data groups to assign test data to individual operators or groups of users, components, batches or departments. All tests performed with the default setting will obviously also be collected in a standard list. Nothing gets lost.

Template function

Create templates of frequently required test parameters easily and efficiently.This function considerably reduces operator time and the possibility ofoperation errors. Selecting the template automatically sets all relevant settings (method, measurement data group, conversion, geometric correction, etc.). Any QR or bar code can also be assigned to each stored template. This code can be read by a connected scanner. The assigned template will be loaded automatically and the test can be started immediately. Existing identification codes on components or dockets can be used to speed up the testing process and to avoid user errors.

Auto start on touching the workpiece

Only a single button is needed to clamp and test the workpiece. The measurement starts immediately after clamping of the workpiece; it is released immediately after the measurement (by the preset degree). This is especially important in serial testing as it results in huge time savings.

Fast Mode provides faster test cycles

This function shortens the time of load application and release by about 6 seconds. The holding times can be additionally set to a minimum of 0.1 seconds, thereby enabling extremely fast test sequences. Measurements using this function are no longer standard compliant.

External machine control via hardware interface

This additional interface allows for the integration of the DuraJet in an automated system and therefore 100 % inspections without removing single test pieces from the production process. Another possibility is to connect the optional foot switch.


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