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With ecos Workflow xChange – the flexible program interface

What is ecos Workflow xCHANGE?

ecos Workflow xChange is a revolutionary, standardised program interface for test devices, which allows data and control commands to be exchanged between a hardness tester and any other program. It discloses all the relevant parameters and control commands for the hardness test. ecos Workflow xCHANGE is integrated into our DuraScan and DuraVision hardness testers.

What does ecos Workflow xCHANGE offer?

ecos Workflow xCHANGE allows practically any customer-specific requirement for connecting a hardness tester to databases and data input devices to be satisfied, as well as enabling fully automatic or unmanned operation. Since ecos Workflow xCHANGE is based on the established XML format, interaction with it is simple and clearly structured.

Integration into an existing production data acquisition system

Integration into an existing production data acquisition system

The hardness tester can communicate directly with your company-specific database solution and exchange test data via ecos Workflow xCHANGE. The interfacing of data input devices such as barcode scanners and RFID scanners with different formats for data input is also possible.

Imported data can be easily processed in the hardness tester and the test results stored directly in the database. After the hardness test, the results are automatically stored in an existing database or processed further, depending on the input parameters (e.g. part or lot number).

Integration into automated systems

Integration into automated systems

With ecos Workflow xCHANGE, control commands can be transmitted to the hardness tester in real-time, allowing it to be flexibly integrated into complex automation systems.

Loading can take place e.g. via a roller table with a corresponding device for part positioning or by a robot in a production cell.

Benefits of ecos Workflow xCHANGE by comparison with conventional interface solutions for hardness testers:

Integration via ecos Workflow xCHANGE

Standard integration solutions

Customisation to customer-specific requirements is made externally from the hardness tester software. The standard hardness tester software is therefore not modified.

The hardness tester software must be modified by the manufacturer to fulfil customer-specific requirements.

All updates to ecos Workflow hardness testing software provided by EMCO-TEST can be easily installed at any time.

Subsequent software updates are very difficult and costly.

All ecos Workflow xCHANGE functions are fully documented. As a result, subsequent customisation to new customer requirements is independent of the manufacturer of the hardness tester and can be easily made at any time by third parties.

Customisation due to new requirements can only be made by the manufacturer.

Existing integration solutions can be simply and easily transferred to other DuraScan and DuraVision series hardness testers – also independently of the hardness tester manufacturer.

Existing solutions can only be transferred by the manufacturer of the hardness tester.

The high EMCO-TEST standard in relation to service and guaranteed performance as well as the range of spare parts for your hardness tester is completely unaffected. As a result, your investment is assured for the future.

Changes to, or customisation of the hardness tester software present a high risk in relation to service and maintenance because they are dependent on the know-how of individuals.