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ecos LINEplus – your extensive toolbox

What is ecos LINEplus?
The optional ecos LINEplus module contains tools that help you place test points and rows precisely according to dimension specifications.

Reference lines: Length and angle

The reference line functions for length and angle allow you to quickly and easily define the position of row starting points or test points on the workpiece. They can also measure lengths and angles on the workpiece. Using the function is remarkably simple

Reference line length

The first click defines the starting point of the reference line. With a second click, you define the end point and immediately see the length of the reference line. Alternatively, the length can also be entered using the keyboard.

Reference line angle

The first click defines the vertex, the second click the direction of the first half-line. Now the length and direction of the second half-line can be defined with a third click – angle and length are displayed. Alternatively, the angle and length of the vertex can also be entered.

Snap function

All starting points and end points have a snap function, which allows multiple reference lines to be concatenated.  However, test points, row start points and polylines can also be placed precisely in this way, based on the polylines.


The new polyline function allows test points to be distributed along a line defined by several clicks. This can be achieved by defining either the number or spacing of the points from each other.  Multiple test point chains at different distances can be assigned to each polyline.

Polylines and reference lines can always be edited at a later time and they can also be aligned on the component subsequently. This makes the efficient use of templates (samples) possible.

Video ecos LINEplus