Increase the efficiency of your hardness tester

ecos AUTOROW – positions test rows for you automatically!

What is ecos AUTOROW?

The optional ecos AUTOROW module increases the efficiency of your fully automatic DuraScan or DuraVision hardness tester. 

It allows row start points pre-positioned in the overview camera to be placed automatically at the specimen edge. In this process, the specimen edge is detected automatically and precisely in the measuring camera image, the row is shifted according to its alignment and then aligned at right angles to the specimen edge. It makes no difference here whether the row has been positioned slightly outside or inside the specimen edge.

The measurement lens just swivelled in is always used for positioning.

The function is ideal for use in combination with predefined specimens (function “load sample”). Since all rows are predefined for your specimen, it only remains for the specimen to be aligned on the component using the specimen reference point in the live overview screen. Fine positioning is performed automatically by mouse click – with ecos AUTOROW.

Video ecos AUTOROW