Calibration process

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The calibration process is defined in
the standard as follows:

  • Assessment of the general conditions
  • Direct testing
  • Indirect testing
  • Drawing up of the calibration certificate


Direct testing

  • Calibration of the test force using force transducers and measuring force amplifiers
  • Testing of the indenter
  • Calibration of the measuring system with object micrometer and depth measuring device
  • Measuring of the test cycle using a stopwatch


Indirect testing

  • Assessment of the hardness testing machine function using test blocks


Conformity statement

The conformity statement in the calibration certificate confirms that the measurement results obtained lie within the tolerance limits required by the standard.

Example of a conformity statement:
The hardness testing machine was tested and calibrated according to Rockwell (HRC) to ISO 6508. The measured values from the direct and indirect test lie within the admissible tolerances.


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