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Periodic testing according to ISO & ASTM standards

What is a periodic test?

During periodic testing, the accuracy of the hardness tester is checked by measuring the hardness of calibrated hardness reference blocks. This check is usually carried out by the user. It is recommended that the hardness range of the hardness reference block corresponds approximately to the hardness range for which the testing machine is used.

The periodic inspection of the hardness tester by the user is mandatory for the following standards:

  • Brinell: ISO 6506, ASTM E10;
  • Rockwell: ISO 6508, ASTM E18;
  • Knoop: ISO 4545, ASTM E92;
  • Vickers: ISO 6507, ASTM E92.

The intervals and scope of the periodic tests are regulated differently depending on the standard and test method (see diagram). The periodic tests should also be documented.

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