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Calibration & Standards

Interesting facts about standardization in hardness testing and the calibration of hardness testers.


Internationale Normen sorgen für technische Kompatibilität im globalen Markt.



Es muss sichergestellt werden, dass die Härteprüfmaschine, richtige Ergebnisse ausgibt.



Objective of the international standards

Objective of the international standards

International standards for the global market

  • are a reference framework and a common technical language between supplier and customer
  • simplify trade and technology transfer
  • ensure technical compatibility
  • provide a scientific basis for legislation in the fields of health, safety and environmental protection
  • ensure the successful implementation of trade agreements
  • are a source of technical expertise

Goal and duties of international standards organisations

Benefits of international standards for companies

Principles of international standardization work

The international standardisation structure

International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO)

DIN - Cooperation in the standardisation process

Development of an international standard


How is the accuracy of a hardness testing machine checked?

How is the accuracy of a hardness testing machine checked?

When relevant measurements are taken on components, the standard-compliant functionality and accuracy of the hardness testing machine and all measurement-related components must be ensured. The hardness testing standards (ISO, ASTM) define clear rules for how this must be demonstrated and monitored. This requirement for monitoring applies to every test method used and every degree of loading.

As an initial check of the accuracy of a hardness tester, for example for new machines or after changes have been made, calibration is required.

The precision of the hardness testing machine must also be checked regularly as part of a periodic daily or weekly test, even after calibration. How these tests are performed and the permissible deviations of the results are precisely defined for each test method and series of standards (ASTM, ISO).

All standard-compliant tests performed for monitoring the hardness tester must be documented.

What is meant by calibration?

Why carry out calibration?

Who may carry out calibration?

What is an accredited calibration laboratory?

Calibration process

What is a direct verification?

What is an indirect verification?

What is a periodic verification?

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