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Hardness testing in

Educational and professional training institutes

Hardness testing in Educational and professional training institutes

From technical schools and vocational schools through technical colleges (HTLs), polytechnics and universities to extra-occupational adult education establishments – in all educational institutions that offer training in the subject of materials testing, and in particular hardness testing of metals, the aim is to provide trainees with an overview of hardness testing theory and practice.

In terms of hardness testing practice, learning how to conduct a simple hardness test on a specimen (for example, using a hardened hammer) is just as important as an understanding of the available data connection options between a hardness tester and an in-house quality management (QM) system for quality assurance purposes.

Hardness testing in mechanical engineering


Checking the target specifications of a hardened component - with DuraVision Semi-Automatic

A hammer is manufactured in the mechanical workshops of a higher technical college (HTL). Following mechanical production and heat treatment, the hammer is tested with the DuraVision 200 universal hardness tester.

  • Test method: HRC
  • Preparation of a test report in PDF format
  • Saving the report to a predefined network drive
  • HV and HBW can be used as alternatives to HRC for other workpieces

The head of the hammer is first given its appropriate shape in the milling shop and then further processed with a file. Next, it is heat-treated, i.e., hardened, quenched and tempered in the hardening plant.

The aim here is to obtain a hardness value of 50 to 58 HRC for the striking face and peen, and a value of approx. 30 HRC in the area of the hammer eye.

These target values are then checked using the DuraVision Semi-Automatic. A test report is prepared and printed directly from the hardness testing machine. In addition, the report is saved to the predefined network drive as a PDF file.

Apart from this Rockwell test, Vickers and Brinell test methods are used for other workpieces, which the DuraVision likewise provides as a universal hardness tester.


Test data management - with DuraJet G5

In order to save all available test data simply and clearly, the DuraJet G5 Rockwell tester can archive the data in a structured manner.

  • Standard test data management
  • Grouped test data management, e.g. for batches, departments, etc.

The preferred type of test data management is selected prior to testing. In the standard test data management system, all results are stored in a collective list.

If test data needs to be associated with individual users or user groups, specific components, batches or departments, then the grouped data management function should be used. All the determined test results are compiled in separate lists, allowing them to be clearly represented, exported or saved as a report. The groups created can be reloaded at any time and augmented with additional test results.

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