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Hardness testing for

Quality control of castings

Hardness testing for Quality control of castings

In foundries, hardness testing is also used for controlling the quality of the manufacturing process during production. If hardness is tested directly on the production floor of a foundry, then the hardness testing machine must be robust enough to deliver reliable and reproducible measurement results in the harsh production environment. The castings to be tested are usually large, heavy and cumbersome and the test forces involved are predominantly in the macro range, mostly within the scope of Brinell tests.

Hardness testing in mechanical engineering


Test data management - with DuraJet G5

In order to save all available test data simply and clearly, the DuraJet G5 Rockwell tester can archive the data in a structured manner.

  • Standard test data management
  • Grouped test data management, e.g. for batches, departments, etc.

The preferred type of test data management is selected prior to testing. In the standard test data management system, all results are stored in a collective list.

If test data needs to be associated with individual users or user groups, specific components, batches or departments, then the grouped data management function should be used. All the determined test results are compiled in separate lists, allowing them to be clearly represented, exported or saved as a report. The groups created can be reloaded at any time and augmented with additional test results.

DuraVision Semi-Automatic including test bench extension for large specimens

Batch testing of cast aluminium cylinder heads with Brinell

Using the Brinell method in load factor HBW10, a check is carried out during the production process on minimally prepared test surfaces on the DuraVision200 universal hardness tester.

  • Batch testing with Brinell
  • Automatic evaluation with ring lightSelection of the required test method via QR code function
  • Automatic data export to QM system

Every cylinder head to be tested has its own code under which it is registered in the customer's QM system. The production process is checked by means of hardness testing per batch and controlled accordingly.

The surface of the test location undergoes minimal preparation with an angle grinder, before examination using the Brinell method.

In order to prevent operator errors, the required test parameters are loaded via the QR code function in the DuraVision 200 universal hardness tester and clamped with the test unit on the cylinder head, and the operator initiates the fully automatic test cycle.

Once the measurement has been completed, the hardness value is transferred automatically to the customer's higher level QM system using the DuraVision 200 serial output option.

Automated hardness testing - with DuraVision Semi-Automatic or DuraJet G5

It is possible to integrate a hardness tester into a production line via a hardware interface. This enables external control of the machine.

  • External machine control
  • Option to connect foot switch

Both the DuraVision Semi-Automatic universal hardness tester and the DuraJet G5 Rockwell tester are equipped with an additional interface. This additional interface allows 100% tests to be conducted without having to remove test specimens from the production process.

Another option is to connect the available foot pedal to the interface, in order to use this for performing the clamping movement to fix a workpiece. The significantly simplifies handling in tests on large, unwieldy components.  

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