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Quality Policy

Principles of our Quality Policy

The aim of our quality policy is to offer our customers advanced, reliable and value-for-money products and services. This also applies to products and services offered to our customers by third parties on our behalf or at our behest. We want satisfied customers. And the customer sets the standard for our quality. The customer's opinion of our products and services (including response time and delivery time) is decisive. Because only satisfied customers can secure our future. Quality assurance is the responsibility of all employees. Promotion of quality awareness at all levels is a continuous management task. Our target is "zero defects" or "100 % correct". Whenever errors do occur, remedial action is more important than justification

Management System with EN ISO 9001 Certification
Creating quality from first-class components and expertise is the achievement and permanent objective of EMCO-TEST’s management. Built on a management system that we continually develop and voluntarily subject to EN ISO 9001:2015 certification with regular audits. That means security for our customers and for us.

EMCO-TEST is an official DIN member

Through its membership of DIN (German Institute for Standardization), EMCO-TEST is able to influence standardization policy decisions and, as an active member of the “Materials Testing” standards committee, is even directly involved in the development of European and international standards. In addition, we always receive up-to-date information about DIN's activities in the European and international environment.


Only satisfied and motivated employees are capable of meeting the requirements made of them. The satisfaction and dedication of each individual employee make a positive impact on our customers. The competence of our employees guarantees the worldwide success of EMCO-TEST. We provide them with state-of-the-art infrastructure and workplaces, and consciously cultivate the corporate and leadership culture. A corporate culture that offers every employee the opportunity play a part in addressing exciting and challenging tasks. Whether it be with management competence in leadership roles or with technical competence in specialist roles: We offer employees the opportunity to make a big difference internationally in a team with like-minded colleagues. Mutual appreciation pervades the modern, professional working environment. And excellent social conditions provide additional support.

Product quality and productivity are not mutually exclusive. Product quality is prerequisite for productivity. Reductions in cost must not come at the expense of quality.

For EMCO-TEST hardness testing machines we guarantee spare parts availability of least 10 years after a product has been discontinued. To secure your investment in a EMCO-TEST testing machine, we extend this availability by several more years whenever possible, significantly exceeding standard industry requirements.

To meet the requirements of our customers, our company maintains relationships with dealers and suppliers, which also cover quality assurance, cost reduction and environmental aspects. This means that you also contribute to our business success. Involving you in our quality policy is a matter of course for us.

EMCO-TEST's headquarters lie at the foot of the Tennen Mountains in Salzburg state, one of the most beautiful regions in Austria. This location is not only attractive to employees thanks to its very high quality of life; it also offers ideal conditions for sustainability and environmental awareness. We commit ourselves to a resource-efficient interaction with our environment: In Salzburg AG, we have an energy partner who can provide us with more than 90% of our requirements from renewable sources. 84% of this comes from hydroelectric power. High-quality suppliers are based in the immediate vicinity, so short transport routes and consequently lower emissions can be achieved. In addition, use of recyclable materials and careful waste disposal are a matter of course for us. These values play an important role in our business areas of development, production, consultation and services. 

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