Weld sample testing

Standardised weld sample testing

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Testing of weld samples is defined in standards ISO 9015 and ISO 22826.

ISO 9015 Part 1 describes hardness testing of arc-welded joints. Part 2 deals with micro hardness testing of welded joints.

ISO 22826 explains hardness testing of narrow joints welded by laser and electron beam.

In both standards, preparation of the specimen,the test process to be used (ISO 9015 Vickers and Brinell, ISO 22826 Vickers and Knoop), the test method, arrangement of the test series and individual indents (depending on weld shape) and production of the test report are described in greater detail.

The test is required to determine the hardness values for the base material, for the heat-affected zone and for the weld metal.

Test point distribution acc. to standard