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Testing anvils in hardness testing

An overview

Why testing anvils in hardness testing are important.

Testing anvils play a crucial role in hardness testing by providing stable and precise positioning of the sample. They also ensure that the test site is parallel to the indenter. Particularly for cylindrical parts, they ensure secure fixation during the test, leading to more accurate and reproducible results. Choosing the right testing anvil can significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of hardness testing.

Hardness testing anvils in various geometries and sizes

There are different types of testing anvils, each designed for specific applications and component geometries. Here are some of the most common types:

Plane anvils:

These flat tables provide a level surface for sample placement and are ideal for flat and uniform components. They are the basis of many hardness testing systems.

Anvil with swing support:

This type of anvil features a swing support that allows for flexible adjustment of the test position. It is particularly useful for components with inclined or angled geometries, offering high flexibility and precision.

Ball testing anvils:

Ball testing anvils are equipped with a special indentation ideal for holding balls, such as those from ball bearings. They ensure that these remain securely in place during testing.

Extendable table for test anvil:

These extensions can be attached to existing testing anvils to expand the working surface. They allow for the accommodation of larger components and provide additional stability.


Testing anvils are crucial for accuracy and reproducibility in hardness testing. By selecting the right testing anvil, the efficiency of the tests can be increased and the reliability of the results ensured. With a variety of options, from plane anvils to anvils with swing support and extendable tables for test anvils, the requirements of every testing task can be met.

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