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Custom adaptations

We adapt our hardness testing machines to your requirements

Let’s carry out your project together. Just contact us!

We manufacture tailored special accessories for our standard appliances that are matched to our customers' specific applications. Our implemented projects include a wide range of tailored solutions, from individually designed test benches to external control panels. These flexible customisations allow us to respond to the specific needs of our customers and offer optimal solutions for their requirements.

Customer-specific test anvils, sample holders, nose cones and mounts

Depending on the application, our customers require special test anvils in order to test the widest variety of components in compliance with standards.<br/> Contact us – we would be happy to work together with you to develop the best custom solution.

External operating options, signalling unit

For our series devices, we also offer external controller options which enable the hardness testing machine to be operated remotely. Of course, safety is the top priority here, so our solutions are designed to comply with the local legal requirements.

We have also successfully implemented a signalling unit for our customers to allow them to determine the status of the hardness testing machine remotely.

Let’s carry out your project together!

Just contact us!


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