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Software modules in hardness testing

An overview

Why software modules are important in hardness testing

Software modules are essential for controlling and evaluating hardness tests. They provide tailored solutions for various testing methods and assist users in conducting, documenting, and analyzing tests. With specific software modules, testing processes can be expanded, automated, and standardized, leading to higher efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, software modules allow for customization to individual testing requirements and integration into existing quality management systems. The base software, ecos Workflow, controls and manages the entire testing process. It offers a user-friendly interface and extensive functions for data acquisition and analysis.

Types of software modules

ecos areaMaster:

Specifically developed for hardness mapping, this module allows detailed recording and visualization of hardness distribution on the surface of a test piece.

ecos gearmaster:

This module is specialized in gear testing and offers comprehensive functions for analyzing hardness distribution and the geometric properties of gears.

ecos Jominy:

Developed for the Jominy test, this module supports the execution and evaluation of the Jominy end-quench test, which examines the hardenability of steel.

ecos Panorama:

This module offers enhanced visualization of test results and supports the analysis of complex structures through panoramic views.

ecos Pipemaster:

Specifically designed for pipe segment testing, this module enables precise testing and evaluation of hardness distribution in pipe segments.

Interfaces for QDAS systems:

These interfaces allow seamless integration of the testing software with QDAS systems for statistical process control and quality analysis.


Software modules are crucial for the efficient and precise execution of hardness tests. They provide tailored solutions for controlling, analyzing, and documenting testing processes and support integration into existing quality management systems. By using specialized software modules such as ecos areaMaster, ecos gearmaster, and interfaces for QDAS systems, testing workflows can be optimized and the reliability of test results can be increased.

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