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Other Accessories in Hardness Testing

An Overview

Why other accessories in hardness testing are important

Other accessories play a crucial role in hardness testing by enhancing the functionality, user-friendliness, and ergonomics of testing devices. Accessories like foot switches, hand scanners, or guide brackets facilitate handling and increase the efficiency of testing processes. Additionally, they ensure an optimal working environment and contribute to the safety and precision of tests.

Here are a few examples:

Foot Switch:

For controlling the clamping movement with your foot: This foot switch enables comfortable control of the clamping movement, thus improving the ergonomics of the testing process.

Hand Scanner:

For scanning QR codes, used with the ecos Workflow CODE R/W software module: This hand scanner simplifies the capture of test data by quickly scanning QR codes. It enables the use of templates in hardness testing and the easy loading of recurring settings.


For testing in pipes: Guide brackets are necessary to conduct precise tests inside pipes and ensure stable guidance of the indenter.

Dust Cover:

Protects testing devices from dust and other contaminants: This cover preserves the sensitive parts of high-precision testing devices and extends their lifespan.

External Control Unit:

For controlling large components: When testing large components, an external control unit may be required to operate the device from a distance. This control meets all necessary safety criteria.

Keyboard tray for DuraVision G4 & G5:

For mounting on the machine stand: This tray offers an ergonomic positioning of the keyboard, improves operation, and ensures a tidy work environment. Note: When mounted, the use of the Z16 test table extension is no longer possible.


Positions the hardness testing device at the correct ergonomic height: This base provides a stable platform for testing heavy workpieces and includes additional storage options for tools and accessories.

Cross-Line Laser:

For easier test point positioning: The cross-line laser ensures precise and easy alignment of test points and comes with an adapter for the turret.


Other accessories are essential for optimizing hardness testing processes. Accessories such as foot switches, hand scanners, guide brackets, and cross-line lasers enhance the ergonomics, user-friendliness, and precision of tests. They help ensure that testing devices can be operated more efficiently and safely. With a variety of accessory options, each testing task can be individually tailored, and productivity can be increased.

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