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Objectives in hardness testing

An overview

why objectives are important in hardness testing

In hardness testing, objectives are indispensable. They enable precise measurements by providing a clear and magnified view of the sample's surface. This is crucial for accurately capturing the impressions on the sample. Additionally, objectives support the standardization of measurements by ensuring compliance with standards and enabling consistent measurements. Another important aspect is the increased measurement accuracy that objectives provide. They minimize distortions or blurriness, thus delivering more accurate results. Furthermore, objectives facilitate the documentation of measurement results, which is essential for quality control and reporting. They allow for a clear and detailed representation of the measurements, making the traceability and reproducibility of test results easier. Overall, objectives are indispensable components in optical hardness testing methods, and selecting the right objective is crucial for precise, standardized, and documented measurement of material hardness.

Types of objectives in hardness testing

Different types of objectives are used in hardness testing, depending on the requirements of the specific test and the materials being examined. Some of the most common types of objectives include:

Standard objectives:

These objectives use light and lenses to provide a magnified view of the sample. They are versatile and well-suited for visual inspection of surfaces. The magnification factors range from 2.5x to 100x. Our hardness testing systems use Plan Fluor objectives. These objectives ensure excellent image quality and provide uniformly sharp images across the entire field of view. They are ideal for precise analysis and evaluation of test impressions and significantly contribute to the accuracy of measurement results.

Long distance objectives:

These objectives are often used in hardness testing when a large distance between the objective and the sample is required. This allows for a magnified view of the sample from a greater distance, which can be advantageous in various situations, especially with large or hard-to-reach samples, as well as for ergonomic and safety reasons.

Objectives with Brinell SmartLight:

These special objectives are equipped with integrated lighting specifically designed for evaluating Brinell impressions. The Brinell SmartLight technology provides uniform and optimal illumination of the impressions, greatly facilitating measurement and analysis. This leads to more precise and reproducible results in Brinell hardness testing.


Objectives are crucial for the optical magnification and accurate analysis of test impressions in hardness testing. The selection of the right objective depends on the hardness testing method, the material of the workpiece, and the hardness range. With a variety of options, from standard objectives and long distance objectives to specialized objectives with Brinell SmartLight technology, the requirements of any testing task can be efficiently and reliably met. High-quality objectives significantly contribute to the accuracy and reproducibility of hardness testing results.

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