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DuraJet G5

Thanks to electronic load application and a load range from 9.8 N to 2450 N (1 kgf to 250 kgf), the complete Rockwell range is covered with just one device. Furthermore, tests on plastics and carbon as well as Vickers and Brinell tests can be performed in depth. This flexibility coupled with very simple operation predestines the DuraJet G5 for use wherever several devices have previously been used in different configurations.

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Product versions

DuraJet G5
DuraJet G5

DuraJet G5 For the complete Rockwell scale with

  • Electronic load application
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Network connection
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Brinell Brinell
HBD 1/5
HBD 1/10
HBD 1/30
HBD 2,5/31,25
HBD 2,5/62,5
HBD 2,5/187,5
HBD 5/125
HBD 5/250
Vickers Vickers
HVD 10
HVD 20
HVD 30
HVD 50
HVD 60
HVD 100
Rockwell Rockwell
Plastic testing Plastic testing
49,03 N
132,9 N
357,9 N
961 N
Carbon testing Carbon testing
HR 2,5/7
HR 5/7
HR 5/15
HR 5/20
HR 5/40
HR 5/60
HR 5/100
HR 5/150
HR 10/20
HR 10/40
HR 10/60
HR 10/100
HR 10/150

Product features and options

Sophisticated and innovative functions simplify day-to-day work. Furthermore, the DuraJet G5 features the latest technologies in order to provide the perfect solution for production and laboratory in the future as well.

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EMCO-TEST offers you various indenters. All certified indenters conform to the international standards from EN ISO or ASTM.
IT equipment
IT equipment
We guarantee the compatibility of our PC components and printers with our hardness testing machines.
Nose cone
Nose cone
You will find the right nose cone insert for every specimen geometry, tailored perfectly to your application.
Software moduls
Software moduls
EMCO-TEST software modules are your convenient aids when it comes to completing complex hardness testing tasks.
Test anvils
Test anvils
The EMCO-TEST product range includes a wide variety of test tables and clamping devices.
Test blocks
Test blocks
Irrespective of test method and hardness value: EMCO-TEST has an extensive range of test blocks.

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We’re very satisfied with EMCO-TEST. We’ve always bought EMCO-TEST devices because they are very high quality and we’ve never had a problem with them.
Alexander Desch, Purchasing
Quality control after hardening and nitriding - with DuraJet
  • Required test method: HRC
  • Fast hardness testing
  • Large test height
  • Easy accessibility
  • Data transfer option
  • Simple operation
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We’ve always cooperated with EMCO-TEST and are very satisfied. In my opinion, they are leaders when it comes to the state of the technology. I couldn’t find a hardness tester like DuraJet from any other supplier in the market.
Work preparation team leader
Quality control of case hardened automotive components - with DuraJet
  • Component variation, according to production line
  • Maintain process speed
  • Minimise operator input
  • Simple operation of the hardness tester
  • Light and compact machine
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Automated hardness testing - with DuraVision Semi-Automatic or DuraJet G5
Automated hardness testing - with DuraVision Semi-Automatic or DuraJet G5
Automated hardness testing - with DuraVision Semi-Automatic or DuraJet G5

It is possible to integrate a hardness tester into a production line via a hardware interface. This enables external control of the machine.

  • External machine control
  • Option to connect foot switch

Both the DuraVision Semi-Automatic universal hardness tester and the DuraJet G5 Rockwell tester are equipped with an additional interface. This additional interface allows 100% tests to be conducted without having to remove test specimens from the production process.

Another option is to connect the available foot pedal to the interface, in order to use this for performing the clamping movement to fix a workpiece. The significantly simplifies handling in tests on large, unwieldy components.  

Test data management - with DuraJet G5
Test data management - with DuraJet G5
Test data management - with DuraJet G5
Test data management - with DuraJet G5

In order to save all available test data simply and clearly, the DuraJet G5 Rockwell tester can archive the data in a structured manner.

  • Standard test data management
  • Grouped test data management, e.g. for batches, departments, etc.

The preferred type of test data management is selected prior to testing. In the standard test data management system, all results are stored in a collective list.

If test data needs to be associated with individual users or user groups, specific components, batches or departments, then the grouped data management function should be used. All the determined test results are compiled in separate lists, allowing them to be clearly represented, exported or saved as a report. The groups created can be reloaded at any time and augmented with additional test results.

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