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Meet our customers

Our greatest concern is satisfied customers. The importance of our mission to make everything to do with hardness testing simpler is constantly confirmed by our customers.

Here you can see who our customers are, what they use our hardness testing machines for and why EMCO-TEST hardness testers are the best solution for them.

The machine is very easy to operate and I find the automatic conversion of hardness values great. With the automatic turret and the micrometer spindle, series measurements are uncomplicated and quick. After that, all I need to do is print out a test report.

Konrad Denifl, hardening shop manager

Several devices were previously required for our various test methods. Now everything is possible with just a single machine. If we had to describe our hardness tester in just three words, we would call it fast, easy and convenient.

Jan Ivanov, Head of Physics Laboratory
M + S Hydraulic

We were impressed by the fast and reliable operation of the DuraScan 70. It enables us to make detailed statements similar to the FEM method, which have a decisive influence on development in our company.”

Matthias Richter, Engineering
Wippermann jr. GmbH

The technology of the device is very advanced compared to the competition. In addition, the product is developed in-house at EMCO-TEST. This means you have a clear point of contact.

Günther Etzlstorfer, Head of Mechanical-Physical Test Laboratory
voestalpine Stahl GmbH
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