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EMCO-TEST presents:

ecos™ III

The new hardness testing software

A new era in hardness testing technology: EMCO-TEST unveils ecos™ III

As specialists in hardness testing technology, we are delighted to present our latest development: the ecos™ III hardness testing software. This software replaces our previous solution, ecos Workflow, and was presented for the first time at testXpo 2023. The successful launch aroused great interest among our customers, particularly due to the innovative integration of artificial intelligence for the precise evaluation of test impressions. From May 17, 2024, ecos™ III will be officially available on the market and set new standards in our field.

What makes ecos™ III so special

Our latest software, ecos™ III, represents a new era in testing technology and is based on three essential principles:

  • Simplicity that convinces The intuitive user interface of ecos™ III enables fast and effective work. Even complex and extensive test patterns can be created and applied with just a few clicks. This user-friendliness allows all users to work quickly and efficiently with the software.
  • Clear overview ecos™ III focuses on a clear structure that provides you with a clear overview at all times. Each test element is logically divided into orders and samples, which makes it easy to find your way around even when managing large amounts of data. This structure also makes it easier to create detailed test reports and carry out trend analyses.
  • Efficiency that sets standards The intelligent operating concept of ecos™ III significantly minimizes the operating time required - by up to 65%. This increase in efficiency leads to a more effective way of working and considerably reduces the amount of personnel required for testing. ecos™ III sets new standards in efficiency and effectiveness in hardness testing technology.

ecos™ III: Efficiency and precision in hardness testing thanks to advanced technology

ecos™ III revolutionizes hardness testing technology through intuitive configuration, execution and analysis of tests. The software offers a user-friendly interface for quick familiarization, clear overviews even with large amounts of data and efficient test sequences optimized by artificial intelligence. Create precise and effective test reports and trend analyses with ecos™ III.

Do you have questions or need a demo? Contact us today to learn how ecos™ III can improve your inspection processes.

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