How to read and represent a Vickers hardness value?

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A Vickers hardness value consists of the following components:

1. The numeric hardness value (between 1 and 3000);

2. The two letters "HV", standing for "Hardness according to Vickers";

3. The applied test load in kgf;

4. According to ISO 6507: The dwell time of the test load, but only if this is not between 10 and 15 seconds (uncommon in practice)


640 HV30
640 …hardness value
HV …as per Vickers
30 …with test load of 30 kgf (or test force of 294.2 N )

610 HV10/30
610 …hardness value
HV …as per Vickers
10 …with test load of 10 kgf (or test force of 98.07 N)
30 …dwell time to test force outside recommended duration, in this case: 30 seconds

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