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The DuraScan G5 series

With the DuraScan G5 family, all Vickers, Knoop and Brinell test tasks in the load range between 0.25 gf and 62.5 kgf can be performed efficiently, flexibly and reliably. All model versions excel with the innovative user guidance system of the ecos Workflow operating software. The test cycle from setting the indent through to displaying the hardness value is always performed fully automatically, thereby eliminating operator effects to the greatest possible extent.

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DuraScan 10 G5
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DuraScan 10 G5
  • Automatic test cycle
  • Control via touchscreen
  • 3-tool measuring turret, manual
  • 6-tool measuring turret, optional
  • Suitable for single measurements
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Brinell Brinell
HBW 1/1
HBW 1/2,5
HBW 1/5
HBW 1/10
HBW 1/30
HBW 2,5/6,25
HBW 2,5/15,625
HBW 2,5/31,25
HBW 2,5/62,5
HBW 5/25
HBW 5/62,5
Vickers Vickers
HV 0,00025
HV 0,0005
HV 0,001
HV 0,002
HV 0,003
HV 0,005
HV 0,01
HV 0,015
HV 0,02
HV 0,025
HV 0,05
HV 0,1
HV 0,2
HV 0,3
HV 0,5
HV 1
HV 2
HV 2,5
HV 3
HV 5
HV 10
HV 20
HV 30
HV 50
HV 60
Knoop Knoop
HK 0,00025
HK 0,0005
HK 0,001
HK 0,002
HK 0,003
HK 0,005
HK 0,01
HK 0,015
HK 0,02
HK 0,025
HK 0,05
HK 0,1
HK 0,2
HK 0,3
HK 0,5
HK 1
HK 2

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All DuraScan G5 machines guarantee highest efficiency and precision due to innovative sollutions.

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EMCO-TEST offers you various indenters. All certified indenters conform to the international standards from EN ISO or ASTM.
IT equipment
IT equipment
We guarantee the compatibility of our PC components and printers with our hardness testing machines.
A wide choice of lenses can be found in our range of accessories.
Sample holders
Sample holders
EMCO-TEST has various specimen holders in its product range for clamping embedded and non-embedded specimens.
Software moduls
Software moduls
EMCO-TEST software modules are your convenient aids when it comes to completing complex hardness testing tasks.
Test anvils
Test anvils
The EMCO-TEST product range includes a wide variety of test tables and clamping devices.
Test blocks
Test blocks
Irrespective of test method and hardness value: EMCO-TEST has an extensive range of test blocks.

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