Low investment costs in hardness testing

“Pay per Method” – the variable purchasing model from EMCO-TEST

Would you like lower hardness testing costs?

From now on, we can offer you the greatest possible flexibility and cost optimisation in procuring your hardness testing machine. With “PpM” the billing is divided into two components: the mechanical component of the hardness testing system and the ecos Workflow software component. This software component consists of the basic software, with one hardness testing method included. This makes the machine fully operational. Other methods and additional software modules, which enhance the functionality of the machine even further, can be added and activated subsequently at any time, depending on hardness testing requirements. Optimisation and flexibility of hardness testing that makes sense!

Your advantages

Your advantages
  • You only pay for the hardness testing methods that you need
  • Low investment costs for the hardness testing machine
  • Test method packages tailor-made to requirements
  • Hardness testing machine expandable with additional test methods
  • Optional “Software Care” service contract in order to keep software and standards in line with the state of the art in hardness testing

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